The SPIN series coolant filters are Micronfilter USA™’s response to “GREEN Technology” focusing on a SELF-CLEANING DRUM style coolant filter. The SPIN has been designed to filter large volumes of coolants or other liquids, without generating any disposable filter media. Minimizing waste and eliminating filter fabric from the waste stream is the leading benefit of this system. The SPIN series coolant filters use a very fine stainless-steel wire cloth wrapped around static/dynamic drum as the filter medium. The SPIN maintains a high level of filtration efficiency due to the exclusive DOUBLE-CLEANING system (radial and tangential). Once the screen is clogged our powerful backwashing pressure jets completely clean the screen of solids and assure peak performance.

These unique SELF-CLEANING coolant filters are suitable for all machine tools and can purify all coolants, water soluble and neat oil, with viscosity up to 20 cst at 40°C (100°F) and flow rates from 300 to 1200 l/min (80 to 317 GPM). Different stainless steel wire meshes are available allowing a level of filtration from 25 to 50 microns.

The revolutionary EVOTECH DEEP bed coolant filters utilize innovative principles of operation and exclusive design concepts to provide the very highest level of performance. Micronfilter USA™ EVOTECH DEEP, features a deeper coolant filter frame which allows for the coolant filter bed to develop a higher hydrostatic pressure. This deeper design allows for higher flow rates when compared to our standard series, using the same filtering surface area. Another benefit is that this design reduces the filter fabric consumption.

If the liquid level control system should ever malfunction, the EVOTECH DEEP series provides a bypass system to avoid any overflow situations. Flow rates for this series range from 130 to 600 l/m (34-158 gpm) of water based emulsions 65 to 300 l/m and (17-79 gpm) for straight oil.

Applications Include:

  • Centerless Grinding Coolant Filtration
  • Surface Grinding Coolant Filtration
  • Creepfeed Grinder Coolant Filtration
  • ID Grinder Coolant Filtration
  • OD Grinder Coolant Filtration
  • Abrasive Belt Grinding Coolant Filtration
  • Cutoff Saw Coolant Filtration
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Technical Data

SPIN 850 SPIN 1100 SPIN 1400
Maximum flow rate soluble oil (L/min) 600 900 1200
Maximum flow rate whole oil (L/min) 300 450 600
Rating of filtration (micron) 100 to 25 100 to 25 100 to 25
Gear motor power (kW) 0,22 0,22 0,22
Squeezing sludge gear motor power (kW) 0,12 0,12 0,12
Weight (kg) 250 300 350
Weight with squeezing system (kg) 270 322 375