The SHARP dust collector was designed to be used for dry grinding processes, tool sharpening processes and where there is the possibility to convey sparks which might damage the filters. The special high dirt holding filter cartridge assures long life while controlling the dust in the work area.

The SHARP filtration system was developed with attention to acoustic sound levels and has a  very low noise level (less than 70 dB). SHARP is supplied with a water tray to extingush any sparks that may be drawn into the system.

This equipment has currently been redesigned to improve the performance.

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Power (kW/hp)0,75/11,1/1,52,2/3
Noise level with sound proofing [box dB(A)]747474
Net weight (kg/lbs)115/253150/330165/363
Max delivery (m³/h – cfm)1450 – 8561880 – 11092280 – 1345
Electric connection (V)230/460/3/60230/460/3/60230/460/3/60
Speed (RPM)290029002900
Filtering sectionOne large pleated filter cartridgeTwo large pleated filter cartridgesTwo large pleated filter cartridges
Filtering surface (m²)122 x 122 x 12