The QUAD unit along with its small dimension is easy to use and extremely efficient. The QUAD portable filtration system offers portable filtration and removal of fumes, solvent vapors and smoke generated by the welding processes. QUAD is designed according to the latest technologies and is suitable for use in industrial fields, where portability and small size are  required.

This product has recently been redesigned.

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Technical Data

Power (hp – kW)1,5 – 1,1
Voltage (V – PH – Hz)230/460 – 3 – 60
Filtering area (m² – sq ft)7,8 – 84
Air flow with charcoal filter (m³/h – cfm)1300 – 764
Air flow without charcoal filter (m³/h – cfm)1400 – 823
Filtering efficiency (%)99
Activated charcoal weight (kg – lb)2,5 – 5,5
Net weight with evolution 150/3 arm (kg – lb)101 – 223