Oil Clean

The OIL CLEAN portable filter system is a portable solution for removing solids from coolants and lubricants. The Oil Clean is designed to be rolled between machines and allow the filtration of coolants or lubricants. The filtration systems allows for the life of machine lubricants to be recycled rather than throw away. The filter elements inside OIL CLEAN are made of a resin impregnated cellulose which are available in filtration ratings from 25 to 3 microns. Operation is simple, the fluids are kidney looped at the tank, the fluid pumped back creates a circulation which does not allow solids to settle on the bottom.

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Technical Data

Motor Power (kW) 0,75 0,75
Voltage (V/Hz) 400/50 400/50
Flow rate (L/min) 120 150
Filtering Area (m²) 6 12
Empty weight (Kg) 50 65