The MAXFLOW Series coolant filter is designed for filtering large volumes of coolant, where flow rates exceed the capacity of the Easyband or Evotech series. Due to its innovative design, the MAXFLOW is able to filter high flow rates of coolant with high filtration performance using less fabric and floor space. The MAXFLOW series, in its operating principle, takes advantage of hydrostatic pressure to increase filtration performance and reduce footprint and fabric consumption.

These coolant filters are suitable for all machine tools or grinding machines and can purify volumes of coolant from 700 l/min to 2000 l/min of emulsion (185 to 528 GPM). Applications include drawing, rolling, grinding, lapping and washing to name a few. All coolant filters are manufactured using sturdy galvanized steel that is powder coated. The MAXFLOW is engineered to be both heavy duty and compact so that the structural integrity is capable of handling the large volume of liquid.

Applications Include:

  • Centerless Grinding Coolant Filtration
  • Surface Grinding Coolant Filtration
  • Creepfeed Grinder Coolant Filtration
  • ID Grinder Coolant Filtration
  • OD Grinder Coolant Filtration
  • Abrasive Belt Grinding Coolant Filtration
  • Cutoff Saw Coolant Filtration
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Technical Data

Maximum flow rate soluble oil (L/min – GPM)700 – 1851000 – 2641500 – 3962000 – 528
Maximum flow rate whole oil (L/min – GPM)350 – 93500 – 132750 – 1981000 – 264
Rating of filtration (micron)10 ÷ 5010 ÷ 5010 ÷ 5010 ÷ 50
Gear motor power (kW)0,090,090,120,12
Weight (kg)350440660850