A US manufacturer was having problems with excessive solids destroying coolant pumps in their machining application. Due to the machining application, the process generated a very large volume of solids. The machine was equipped with a drag out conveyor however, the conveyor was not removing all the solids from the machining process.

As a result the customer was destroying coolant pumps, circulating solids back to the expensive tooling and having problems maintaining a quality finish on the part being machined.

Micronfilter USA™ supplied our Magnetico drop in magnet assembly and the problem has been resolved. The Magnetico is designed to be installed directly in the machine coolant tank. The coolant flows through the high power 10,000 gauss rated magnetic rods on the way to the coolant pump and the ferrous solids are removed.

Cleaning is quick and easy; the holder assembly is simply removed from the coolant tank and the rods are pulled out of the top. Since the holder assembly has a large top flange, solids cannot follow the rod as the rod is removed from the assembly making the cleaning process quick and easy.

The Magnetico is a quick and easy solution for removing ferrous solids.

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