The “EVOTECH” series coolant filtration system is designed to remove solids from lubricants and coolants. This indexing media coolant filter bed offers very high performance with simplified design without sacrificing reliability or versatility. Our Micronfilter coolant filtration systems are intended for use with all machines tools, grinding machines and other metalworking machinery in the industrial processes. The range is consists of 6 models having flow rate from 30 to 500 l/m (15 – 132 gpm)

The Micronfilter indexing media filter beds are all constructed from heavy duty galvanized sheet metal (stainless steel on request), shaped and welded by a completely automated process, and they are finished with powder coating painting. Evotech coolant filter systems are unique because the perforated frame is inclined which allows for us to build a higher head pressure on the filter media and build more of a solids cake to extend the life of the filter media. The inclined bed allows for us to handle higher flow rates when compared to other standard fabric filters; we also include an automatic rewinding system, float with inductive switch, and pendular scraper to separate the sludge.

Applications Include:

  • Centerless Grinding Coolant Filtration
  • Surface Grinding Coolant Filtration
  • Creepfeed Grinder Coolant Filtration
  • ID Grinder Coolant Filtration
  • OD Grinder Coolant Filtration
  • Abrasive Belt Grinding Coolant Filtration
  • Cutoff Saw Coolant Filtration
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Technical Data

EVO 300EVO 500EVO 700EVO 1000EVO 1200EVO 1500
Tank capacity (L-gal )1352404656107701150
Emulsion flow (capacity) [L/min-GPM]25 – 6060 – 100100 – 170170 – 250250 – 350350 – 500
Entire oil flow (capacity) [L/min-GPM]15 – 3030 – 5050 – 8585 – 125125 – 170175 – 250
Total head (bar)0,20,20,20,20,20,2
Pump power (kW)0,160,300,530,781,153,60
Geared motor power (kW)0,120,120,120,120,120,12
Weight (kg)71114163197237302