The ELEKTRA series, electrostatic filtration system is equipped with a heavy duty industrial quality electrostatic cell and is designed for use on all types of machine tools using an oil based coolant. This type of collector is designed for applications which do not have HEAVY SMOKE. The range is composed by four different models having a throughput from 400 and 1600 m3/h (236 – 941 cfm) . All Elektra filter systems are equipped with an ionizer cell which charges the particles and also a collector cell which colects the charged particles.

Every Elektra filter is provided with ON/OFF switch, power light, high tension light, obstruction cell warning light and security micro-switch. The product is specifically designed for applications where a light quantity of smoke is produced. For heavy smoke applications please contact our Technical office in order to evaluate high performance electrostatic solutions.

This product is currently under redesign to improve the performance.

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Technical Data

EL 400 EL 800 EL 1200 EL 1600
Max air flow rate (m³/h) 400 800 1200 1600
Power (kW) 0,2 0,55 0,75 1,1
Voltage 230 V/60hz/1ph 460 V/60hz/3ph 460 V/60hz/3ph 460 V/60hz/3ph
Average sound level [dB(A)] 68 70 74 76
Gross weight (kg) 20 40 65 85
Pre-filter Metallic Metallic Metallic+Acrylic Metallic+Acrylic
Post-filter Metallic Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic