ECOTECH has been designed and built in order to provide a versatile, modular solution for the filtration of oil mists, vapours and fumes generated by various types of machine tools; among them Machining Centers, Lathes, Milling and Grinding Machines of different sizes, as well as Parts Washing Machines and other machine tools used in metalworking processes. ECOTECH series born with 5 stages of progressive filtration and is designed to ensure, before anything else, excellent performance of pre-filtration and pre-separation of the polluting particles, according to their nature and dimensions. After these 5 stages an additional absolute filter, classified HEPA H13, can be added as option, to obtain an efficiency higher than 99.99%. The range consists in 7 models providing flow rate from 2000 to 12000 m3/h. Modularity allows to get also higher flow rates.

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Technical Data

Max delivery (m³h – CFM)2000 – 11773000 – 17654000 – 23536000 – 35308000 – 4706
Power (kW)1,11,52,245,5
Absorbed power (A)2,463,264,616,110,5
Average sound level without absolute filter [dB(A)]7373757678
Weight without absolute filter (kg)200230290420620
Filtering area (m²)1018253056
Ø intake opening (mm – inch)220 – 0,85280 – 1,0922×280 – 2×1,0923×280 – 3×1,0924×280 – 4×1,092
Wheeled collection bins capacity (L)5551010
Filter cartridgeCelluloseCelluloseCelluloseCelluloseCellulose
Coalescence prefilterPolypropylene (>95%)Polypropylene (>95%)Polypropylene (>95%)Polypropylene (>95%)Polypropylene (>95%)
Filtering efficiencyWith absolute filter (99,997%)With absolute filter (99,997%)With absolute filter (99,997%)With absolute filter (99,997%)With absolute filter (99,997%)