Belt Type Skimmer

OS 1

Machine Coolant Tramp Oil Skimmer

Tramp Oil Control The Easy Way


Extend coolant life and reduce waste stream by properly
maintaining coolant – Easy to install & cost efficient.

The MicronfilterUSA Model OS-1 Oil Skimmer is designed to be placed on the machine coolant tank with the glass wool skimmer belt submerged in the coolant tank. Once properly installed, the OS-1 Oil Skimmer will remove tramp oils from the the coolant tank.

After thorough testing, the glass wool belt was found to be superior in performance while also providing a long operating life.

The OS-1 Oil Skimmer has dual scraper blades that effectively remove the oil that has attached to the glass wool belt. The removed oil then flows by gravity to our exclusive separator tank which further separates the oil and any coolant/water carryover. The coolant/water is returned back to the coolant tank and the oil flows out a port on the back of the separator tank.

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Product Details

Applications CNC Lathe & Machining Centers
Grinding Machines
Parts Washers
Function For removing and separating tramp oils floating on the surface of coolant or water tanks.
  • Dual Skimming with two scrappers
  • Capacity : 0.5 – 1.3 gph (1.8 – 5 lph)
  • Belt Width : 2.5 inch (65mm)
  • Glass Wool with special coating
  • Temperature limit 176 °F (80°C)
  • Easy to replace the belt
  • Easy to install
  • Small Footprint 11.8” x 5.9” (300x150mm)
  • Space required for roller & belt 6” x 6” (150x150mm)
  • Built in separator tank
Power 120 volt – 1 phase – 60 hz
Dimensions 14.1” x 5.5” x 8” (360 x 140 x 205 mm)
Weight 11 Lbs. (5 kg)

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