The new AIRJET series dry dust collector filter is equipped with horizontal cartridges suitable for the removal and filtration of welding fume, fine and coarse dust as well as small quantities of chips, dust and smoke produced by thermal cutting operations. This filtration system is to be used mainly inside work premises. The design of the Airjet includes an inlet pre-chamber, where a large amount of heavy solids are settled out using gravity. The solids fall into the first primary collecting bin. The air flow continues to the high efficiency large surface area filter cartridges, where the solids are removed alolowing clean air to be discharged back into the work environment.

The Airjet pulse cleaning system uses a controller to monitor the filter cartridges pressure drop. Once the filter cartridges reach a preset level of clogged condition, the controller uses compressed air to pulse each filter cartridge and shake the solids free from the filters. Solids fall into a second collection bin at the front of the Airjet. The horizontal positioning of the cartridges allows easy access and a quick maintenance of the filters. Adding the optional HEPA H13 filter panel will assure that only clean air will be returned into the working place.

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Technical Data

Model (hp – kW)3 – 2,24 – 35,5 – 410 – 7,5
Electrical feeding of fan (Hz – V)60 – 230/46060 – 230/460 60 – 230/46060 – 230/460
Nominal air flow (m³/h – cfm)2200 – 12943000 – 17644000 – 23526500 – 3823
Useful static pressure (mmH2O)100100100120
Filtering surface (m²)374872108
Average sound level (dB)76767884
Bin dust holding capacity (L)80/8680/8690/115102/137
N° cartridges4469
Cartridges dimensions (mm)Ø325 – H750Ø325 – H750Ø325 – H750Ø325 – H750
Working tank header pressure (bar)5/65/65/65/6
Electrical feeding of valve (VDC)24242424