Microil Air Filter

The MICROIL series of turbine style mist collectors have been designed for use on all machine tools using water based or whole oil based coolants. The range consists of two models fitted with different turbine blades and motors to provide a good overall choice (up to 7 different combinations) of evacuation capacity from 600 to 3000 m3/h (353 to 1765 scfm). The air enters the Microil collector housing at a high tangential speed caused by the powerful turbine. The specially designed turbine impeller has been dynamically balanced so that no vibration will be created. The air then passes to the second filtration stage, which consists of a replaceable coalescing type pre-filter and a large pleated cellulose filter cartridge. The dual combination of dynamic elimination and static filtration ensures a high level of performance equal to 98% removal.

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Technical Data

Max air flow (mc/h)60080012001500200026003000
Filtering area (m²)5,75,75,714,714,714,714,7
Power (kW)0,250,750,751,51,51,51,5
Gross weight (kg)28293055565556
Noise level [dB(A)]64687274757576