Micron Filter Italy Profile

MICRONFILTER was created by a group of talented engineers and sales professionals who have dedicated their careers to workplace ecology, machine tool mist collection and coolant filtration. Since 2008 Micronfilter has grown into a strong, competitive and well organized group able to compete with all major companies operating in this sector and is poised to grow for decades to come.

This young and innovative team, with the average age of 35, has brought to market this new brand of filtration solutions that is complete in its scope, highly engineered, extremely high quality, innovative in its technology and competitively priced. Additionally, Micronfilter has great pride in its new approach to business: transparency, information, customer partnership, health and welfare for its workers and sensitivity to environmental protection.

By creating this corporate culture, we are allowing our employees to “think outside of the box” and have created an atmosphere where ideas take shape and brilliant new solutions are realized.