Micronfilter USA™ Reclaims and Reuses Metalworking Lubricants

A major manufacturer of batteries required absolutely clean virgin coolant to be used in the beginning of the process. Micronfilter USA™ designed a system that captures the lubricant from the front end of the process, filters the lubricant, and reuses this lubricant for stage 2 of the manufacturing process. The system designed included redundant coolant supply pumps, new coolant blending system to supply make up coolant, filtration, and removal of solids and temperature control using plant chilled water. Because of the aggressive nature of the coolant, the system was manufactured from stainless steel. All functions are controlled by a PLC.

Micronfilter USA™ Solves Pump Problems On CNC Machine

A major manufacturer of performance automotive parts experienced major pump failure problems with their machines due to metal solids being circulated through the coolant supply pump. The design of the coolant tank under the machine made using traditional indexing media filters difficult to use. Micronfilter USA™ solves the problem with our drop in Magnetico magnetic filter designed to be placed in front of the pump and remove the ferrous metal solids from the coolant which passes through the magnetic assembly before reaching the pump. Customer reports that they have significantly reduce pump failure issues.

Micronfilter USA™ Solves Shop Air Quality Problem

A major manufacturing company in Mexico who produces shafts for electric motors had an excessive coolant mist problem in their shop and needed to capture the coolant mist coming off thecenterless grinding machines. Micronfilter USA™ supplies our Microil 1200 mist collector to capture the mist at the grinding wheel before the mist can leave the machine and contaminate the work environment. The customer reports that the work environment is much cleaner and the employees are happier.