One of our most important Italian clients, well known brand among manufacturers of grinding machine tools, has requested our company a solution top of the range to face the problem of sludge filtration in coolant.

The target to be reached, although supported by a major initial investment, was to ensure a consistent pay-back in terms of quality of the worked pieces, savings achieved by lower maintenance, absence of consumables, lengthening the useful life of coolants and the duration of the grinding wheels.

Micronfilter USA™ has proposed SPIN, a self-cleaning drum coolant filter together with pre-filtration stage realized by KALAMIT magnetic disks separator, both without consumable materials. The “saving” approach has expressed itself also through the adoption of chiller for cooling the lubricant, heat exchanger for energy recovery and compactor system for sludge, coupled with return station of the coolant contained therein.

The entire system is controlled by programmable logic processor (PLC) and works in a completely automatic way, without the need of any operator.

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