In the proposed case-history we are speaking about ECOTECH MAXI. ECOTECH filter is usually offered as stand-alone solution for large machine tools as well as in peculiar applications of special processes, in which the filtering surfaces and its generous 6-stage progressive filtration represents a turning point for success. In this case, ECOTECH MAXI filter was used, at one of our customers in the Northeast, as centralized filtration unit for 13 machine tools: machining centers, lathes and milling machines. The filter unit was requested for an outside plant placement and the total flow-rate was 12,000 m3/h.

For this application we have chosen a particular version of ECOTECH filter, the MAXI version, equipped with on board motor and special filter cartridges triangular cross-section, having a surface area of the incredible value of 75 m2.

ECOTECH MAXI, in addition to the innovative cartridges, is equipped with a series of new solutions: collection tank of re-condensed oil mists, automatic return to the machine tools of the coolant recovered and adaptive monitoring of the cartridges clogging, made by electronic pressure switch.

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