One of the biggest American brand in the production of LUXURY ELECTRIC CARS asked Micronfilter USA™ to find a solution for filtering the coolant used in special metalworking processes, while providing super filtered coolant for atomized spray stations.

The Company is redesigning the future of the electric cars, starting from the innovation of the heart of the vehicles: the battery.
In order to achieve the best performance in the technology of Lithium-ion cells battery, this Company has invested a huge amount of money in a new production process fully automated and capable of reducing dramatically  the cost per each kWh produced by the new battery.

Micronfilter USA™ has proposed the “EVOTECH” series coolant filtration system, designed to remove solids from lubricants and coolants. This indexing media coolant filter bed offers very high performance with simplified design without sacrificing reliability or versatility.

Micronfilter USA™ is proud to be a partner of this incredible project destined to change the future of our means of transportation.

Find out more about the new EVOTECH series and download the brochure.

MicronfilterUSA EVOTECH series coolant filtration system is designed to remove solids from lubricants and coolants

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