A Chinese customer contacted Micronfilter USA™ through its local distributor to evaluate the application of mist collectors on the machine tools working in his company.

In the client factory operate continuously, on 24-hour shifts, dozens of precision lathes. The lubricant is whole oil and the production of pollutants, such as mists, micro-mists and smoke, made ​​unhealthy the working area, although it was very clean and well organized.

To our customer the choice of simple mist collectors was not enough; he wanted for his machines real purifier units, equipped with high efficiency and certificated filtering media; last but not least: design and high quality manufacturing were part of the matter.

It’s not false modesty to say that, with so many requirements, few companies would have hit the target.

The images show the exceptional clearness of the air after the application of KUBE filtration units; the same appear as an integral part of the production apparatus and the machine tool itself.

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