Once again, Micronfilter USA™ is partnering with one of the biggest American brand of LUXURY ELECTRIC CAR.
Micronfilter USA™ recently supplied the third customized emulsion system to a major manufacturer of EV batteries. The application required absolutely clean virgin emulsion coolant to be used at the beginning of the battery casing stamping process.

Micronfilter USA™ designed a customized emulsion system that captures the lubricant from the front end of the process and filters out the impurities along with any tramp oils that contaminated the emulsion. The filtered emulsion is then used for stage 2 of the manufacturing process. The system designed included redundant coolant supply pumps, digital refractometers to monitor the percent of emulsion concentration and if the emulsion concentration is under 5% a specialized coolant blending system will add make up lubricant to bring the concentration up to the proper levels. Emulsion temperature is controlled using temperature sensors which control a chiller. Because of the aggressive nature of the lubricant, the system was manufactured from stainless steel. All functions are controlled by a PLC which features a large TFT graphic display.

Micronfilter USA™ can customize coolant filter systems to meet any manufacturing or process requirements. Contact us today for a consultation.

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