One of our Italian customer, first in line provider of parts for the automotive sector, asked us to support him in finding a solution to a problem of whole oil filtration, contaminated by residues of deep drilling processing.

The challenges were many: a very high degree of filtration required, a considerable flow rate, next to 1000l/min, an integrated thermo-stabilization, both in winter and summer, with automatic switching by detecting temperature probes and additional auxiliary pumps, in case of malfunctions. All with reduced investment and and management costs.

Micronfilter USA™ has proposed a unique and competitive solution, composed by high gravity filter (MAXFLOW) together with a technical fabric with very high efficiency and by a pre-filtering station realized through a double KALAMIT magnetic disk coolant filter.

In this way, seven drilling machines have been centralized on this filter unit, ensuring a great savings on invested money and future management.

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