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MicronfilterUSA manufactures a full line of mist collector and coolant filter for machine tools.

Our mist collector product line includes a centrifugal style collector which features a unique heavy duty turbine blade which is dynamically balanced, an electrostatic style mist collector for heavy smoke applications, a NEW truly unique mist collector named the KUBE which includes a pre filter built in to remove slugs of liquid or metal chips, a portable mist collector that can be shared around the shop and a large central system collector.

The coolant filter product line includes a gravity style indexing media filter, a deep bed gravity style coolant filter that allows for more efficient use of the filter media, a magnetic coolant filter which can be added to the gravity beds for two stage filtration. We can also offer large scale coolant filter systems which can act as a central shop coolant filtration system.

If your shop has EDM machines, we have EDM filtration systems to remove the odor created by the EDM process.

In addition, we can supply portable welding fume exhaust collection for welders on the go. The Quad unit comes complete with an adjustable arm.

MicronfilterUSA also features a full line of dry dust collectors and portable dust collectors for applications that require the worker to be mobile. If you require a small bench top fume removal system we can supply a full range of retracting arms and filtration systems.

MicronfilterUSA, your one stop source for all your machine tool mist and coolant filtration applications. Call our staff today for assistance on your applications, we have over 20 years of experience servicing the machine tool industry.

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Contact: info@micronfilterusa.com

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