The SHARP Portable Dry Grinding Dust Collector is perfect for applications where dry dust is being created. The SHARP is designed to accept a nine pocket bag style filter and various different efficiencies are available depending on the application.

The SHARP Grinding Dust Collector is available with or without a fume arm and is mounted on wheels for portability around the shop.

The filter unit has an inlet chamber where the air flow makes multiple direction changes forcing larger solids to settle out by gravity into a solids collecting bin.

Once the high efficiency bag filters have built a high enough pressure drop indicating that a cleaning is required, simply pull the cleaning handle on the bottom to shake the debris off the filter into the dust bin and continue operation.

The high performance fan, placed at the top of the unit, assures a high suction capacity and a low noise level.

The SHARP Portable Dry Grinding Dust Collector product range consists of three models to provide from 588 scfm - 706 scfm (1,000 - 1,200 m3/H) of evacuation capacity.

The SHARP Portable Dry Grinding Dust Collector can be supplied with or without an adjustable arm to suit any application.

Dry Grinding Dust Collector

Dry Grinding Dust Collector
Dry Grinding Dust Collector


How It Works;

Grinding debris and polluted air is evacuated from the work environment by a powerful fan located at the top of the unit.

The polluted air passes downward through the settling chamber where gravity forces the larger solids to fall out into the collection bin.

The air flow continues into the GRINDEX enclosure and the finer solids are removed by a nine pocket polyester filter bag with a large amount of surface area.

Once the filter bag has reached a high pressure drop, the operator can manually pulse the filter bag pockets which will allow the the solids collected on the pocket filter fall off down to the collection bin.

Clean air is then exhausted out the top.

Higher efficiency filter bags can be supplied so that your removal efficiency can be met.



A wide variety of filter bags are available ranging from 60% - 95% efficiency.


TECHNICAL DETAILS Grinding Dust Collector



SCFM (m3/Hr)


HP (kw)



SHARP HP 1 588 (100) 1 (0.75) 68
SHARP HP 1.5 706 (1500) 1.5 (1.1) 70
SHARP HP S 706 (1500 1.5 (1.1) 70


Dry Grinding Dust Collector

An optional arm is available to enhance the capture point of the dust created.




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