Mist Collector                           
Microil Mist Collector

MICROIL - Centrifugal Oil Mist Collector

7 models: 353 to 1765 CFM (600 to 3000 m3/h)

Additional pre-filter and after-filter

High surface filter cartridge inside

Long intervals between required maintenance

Efficiency: 98 % to 99,997 %

KUBE - A NEW COMPACT Mist Collector

4 stages filtering inside (5 if needed) 

High efficiency drop separator filter

6 models: 118 to 1,474 SCFM (200 to 2,500 m3/h)

Pressure gauge available on request

Efficiency: 98 % to 99,997 %



ECOTECH - High Throughput Mist Collector

Designed for neat oil and emulsion mists 5 models 1177 to 4708 SCFM (2000 to 8000 m3/h)

Additional certified HEPA filter available on request

Designed for large machining centers or entrie plant air filtration

ELEKTRA - Electrostatic Mist Collector

4 models 400 to 1600 m3/h

The addressed and evergreen solution for micro-mists and smokes produced by neat oil. Industrial cells inside


Contact: info@micronfilterusa.com

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