Microil Mist Collector

MICROIL - Centrifugal Oil Mist Collector

7 models: 353 to 1765 CFM (600 to 3000 m3/h)

Additional pre-filter and after-filter

High surface filter cartridge inside

Long intervals between required maintenance

Efficiency: 98 % to 99,997 %

KUBE - A NEW COMPACT Mist Collector

4 stages filtering inside (5 if needed) 

High efficiency drop separator filter

6 models: 118 to 1,474 SCFM (200 to 2,500 m3/h)

Pressure gauge available on request

Efficiency: 98 % to 99,997 %



ECOTECH - High Throughput Mist Collector

Designed for neat oil and emulsion mists 5 models 1177 to 4708 SCFM (2000 to 8000 m3/h)

Additional certified HEPA filter available on request

Designed for large machining centers or entrie plant air filtration

ELEKTRA - Electrostatic Mist Collector

4 models 400 to 1600 m3/h Mist Collector

The addressed and evergreen solution for micro-mists and smokes produced by neat oil. Industrial cells inside

Mist Collector


AIRJET - Dust Collector for Dusts and dry particles

The solution for dry machining

4 models from 1,295 to 3,531 SCFM (2200 to 6000 m3/h)

Designed for dry metal working, dry metal cutting, welding smokes, plasma /oxygen cutting. 

With self-cleaning system using compressed air

QUAD - Portable Welding Smoke Collector

High quality portable arm-series for use with welding smoke and fume.

3 different models to include a HEPA filter, Carbon filter and Electrostatic cells, for a complete solution

Clean Go
Dust Collector

SHARP - Portable Grinding Dust Collector

The GRIDEX Portable Dry Grinding Dust Collector is perfect for applications where dry dust is being created.

The product range consists of three models to provide from 588 scfm - 706 scfm (1,000 - 1,200 m3/H) of evacuation capacity.

Dust Collector

EFFE - Benchtop Fume Collector

The F100 Fume Collector is ideal for bench top work, the F100 Fume Collector with the proper accessories can handle most bench top applications

Available with a wide range of accessories.

fume collector

EASYBAND - Indexing Flat Bed Coolant Filter

The most reliable and inexpensive solution for filtering coolants using a fabric filter media.

A total of 9 models are available for flow capacities from: 13 to 118 GPM (50 l/min to 450 l/min) of aqueous based coolants, 7 to 60 GPM (25 to 225 l/min) for oil based coolants.

Different filtration medias are available for efficiencies available (70 to 10 microns)

EVOTECH - Indexing Deep Bed Coolant Filter

Higher efficiency, compact, less operating costs: the best balancing between investment and results.

The ultimate indexing media style, filter fabric solution

Available in 6 models are available for flow capacities from: 13 to 118 GPM (50 l/min to 450 l/min) of aqueous based coolants, 7 to 60 GPM (25 to 225 l/min) for oil based coolants.




KALAMIT - Magnetic Disc Separator

The TOTALLY green solution for the filtering and separator of magnetic particles from coolants

No disposable materials

Rated for 2 to 25 GPM (50 to 700 l/min) of aqueous based coolants and 1 to 12 GPM (25 to 350 l/min) of oil based coolants.

Kalamit can be fitted in any moment on Evotech /Easyband.

MAXFLOW - Large Volume Coolant Filter

Designed for high flow rates of water based or oil based coolants. This deep bed indexing media design has a small floor foot print size and utilizes a small amount of valuable floor space.

Rated to handle flow ranges from 80 - 425 gpm (300 to 1,600 lt/min).



SPIN - Large Volume Coolant Filter

The SPIN series coolant filters are Micronfilter’s response to
“GREEN Technology” focusing on a SELF-CLEANING DRUM style coolant filter. The SPIN uses NO disposable filter media and filters down to 25 microns.

Rated to handle flow ranges from 300 to 1200 LPM (80 to 317 GPM).

OIL CLEAN - Cartridge Style Coolant filter

Portable solution addressed to generic needs of coolant filtration:

2 models that can be moved to each machine tools. Oil clean can work periodically on coolants that do not need a continuous filtration process. Coolant savings and better process’ results achieved with a small investment.

Oil Clean
Oil Skimmer

Coalescing Style Oil Skimmer

3 Models to choose from

Uses special honeycomb coalescence media with no maintenance

No disposable material


Contact: info@micronfilterusa.com

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