AIRJET - Dust Collector for Dusts and dry particles

The solution for dry machining

4 models from 1,295 to 3,531 SCFM (2200 to 6000 m3/h)

Designed for dry metal working, dry metal cutting, welding smokes, plasma /oxygen cutting. 

With self-cleaning system using compressed air

air jet dust collector

QUAD - Portable Welding Smoke Collector

High quality portable arm-series for use with welding smoke and fume.

The product range consists of 3 different models to include a HEPA filter, Carbon filter and Electrostatic cells, for a complete solution

Clean Go

SHARP - Portable Grinding Dust Collector

The SHARP Portable Dry Grinding Dust Collector is perfect for applications where dry dust is being created.

The product range consists of three models to provide from 588 scfm - 706 scfm (1,000 - 1,200 m3/H) of evacuation capacity.


EFFE - Benchtop Fume Extractor

The F100 Fume Extractor is ideal for bench top work, the F100 with the proper accessories can handle most bench top applications

Available with a wide range of accessories.


F100 Benchtop Collector



mist collectors

coolant filters

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