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EASYBAND - Indexing Flat Bed Coolant Filter

The most reliable and inexpensive solution for filtering coolants using a fabric filter media.

A total of 9 models are available for flow capacities from: 13 to 118 GPM (50 l/min to 450 l/min) of aqueous based coolants, 7 to 60 GPM (25 to 225 l/min) for oil based coolants.

Different filtration media's are available for efficiencies available (70 to 10 microns)

EVOTECH - Indexing Deep Bed Coolant Filter

Higher efficiency, compact, less operating costs: the best balancing between investment and results.

The ultimate indexing media style, filter fabric solution

Available in 6 models are available for flow capacities from: 13 to 118 GPM (50 l/min to 450 l/min) of aqueous based coolants, 7 to 60 GPM (25 to 225 l/min) for oil based coolants.



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KALAMIT - Magnetic Disc Separator

The TOTALLY green solution for the filtering and separator of magnetic particles from coolants

No disposable materials

Rated for 2 to 25 GPM (50 to 700 l/min) of aqueous based coolants and 1 to 12 GPM (25 to 350 l/min) of oil based coolants.

Kalamit can be fitted in any moment on Evotech /Easyband.

MAXFLOW - Large Volume Coolant Filter

Designed for high flow rates of water based or oil based coolants. This deep bed indexing media design has a small floor foot print size and utilizes a small amount of valuable floor space.

Rated to handle flow ranges from 80 - 425 gpm (300 to 1,600 lt/min).

SPIN Colant Filter

SPIN - Large Volume Coolant Filter

The SPIN series coolant filters are Micronfilter’s response to
“GREEN Technology” focusing on a SELF-CLEANING DRUM style coolant filter. The SPIN uses NO disposable filter media and filters down to 25 microns.

Rated to handle flow ranges from 300 to 1200 LPM (80 to 317 GPM).

CUSTOM Coolant Filter Packages

MicronfilterUSA can customize a coolant filter package to your needs. This package was customized with the following;

- Custom paint to match the machinery
- Post filtration to assure very clean coolant
- Dirty inlet tank designed to capture the coolant coming off a machine with a very low discharge.
- Our exclusive DEEP bed coolant filter design, allows more hydraulic pressure to build in the filter bed maximizing filter media life while building a filter cake for finer filtration.

Custom Coolant Filter

Oil Skimmer

Coalescing Style Oil Skimmer

3 Models to choose from...

Uses special honeycomb coalescence media with no maintenance

No disposable material

OIL CLEAN - Cartridge Style Coolant filter

Portable solution addressed to generic needs of coolant filtration:

2 models that can be moved to each machine tools. Oil clean can work periodically on coolants that do not need a continuous filtration process. Coolant savings and better process’ results achieved with a small investment.

Oil Clean

Contact: info@micronfilterusa.com


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