Dust Collector

The new AIRJET dust collector

is suitble for extraction and filtration of welding fume, dust, small quantities of chips, and dust and fume created by from plasma cutting. The AIRJET is designed to accept dust collector horizontal cartridges.

The filter unit has an inlet chamber where most
of the solids fallout by gravity into a solids collecting bin.

With the labyrinth air flow pattern and the high efficiency filter cartridges, complete filtration and removal of the remaining dust is completed.

The high performance fan, placed at the top of the unit, assures a high suction capacity and a low noise level. Pneumatic back pulsing by an adjustable cleaning system (with compressed air) allows the system will operate at peak efficiency while maintaining a long cartridge life.


The Airjet series dry dust collector product range consists of four basic models to provide from 1,294 scfm - 3,823 scfm (2,200 - 6,500 m3/H) of evacuation capacity.

The Airjet Dust Collector models can be supplied with a variety of high quality cartridges ranging from pleated cellulose up to PTFE Membrane to guarantee complete solids removal. A carbon after filter may also be installed to control odor issues.

Airjet Open
Iperject how it works


How It Works;

(1) Polluted air is evacuated from the work environment by a powerful fan (6) located at the top of the unit.

The polluted air passes downward through the settling chamber (2) where gravity forces the larger solids to fall out into the collection bin (3)

Finer solids are removed by the horizontally mounted pleated cellulose cartridges (5). Once the cartridges reach a preset pressure drop, the control system pulses the cartridges with a blast of compressed air (7) and the solids collected on the cartridges fall out to the collection bin (4).

Clean air is then exhausted out the top (8).



The horizontal installation of the cartridges allows for easy access and a quick maintenance.

Iperjet Service




SCFM (m3/Hr)


Ft² (M²)


HP (kw)



Airjet 4 1,294 (2200) 398 (37) 3 (2.2) 72
Airjet 4R 1,765 (3000) 517 (48) 4 (3) 72
Airjet 6 2,354 (4000) 775 (72) 5 (4) 74
Airjet 9 3,823 (6500) 1,162 (108) 7.5 (10) 82
Airjet Arm

An optional arm is available to enhance the capture point of the dust created.



Contact: info@micronfilterusa.com


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