KUBE Mist Collector

The KUBE series mist collector has been designed for use on all machine tools using emulsified or oil based cooling lubricants. The product range consists of 6 different models ranging from 117 scfm up to 1,471 scfm (200 M3/hr up to 1,500 M3/hr) evacuation capacity, to suit most machine tools involved. All KUBE series mist collector models can be fitted with a post-filter at any time. This flexibility allows for the KUBE mist collector to grow with your needs and not be easily obsolete.  The KUBE mist collectors can also be supplied (on request) complete with installation kits  which include supports, stands, hose, clamps, fixing plates, etc.

The mist laden air is evacuated from the machine tool by the negative pressure created by our special turbine impeller. The air enters the KUBE and droplets are removed by the droplet separator. The air then passes through a replaceable coalescing type pre-filter and a large pleated cellulose filter cartridge which has a very large surface area for low pressure drop and long life.  The dual combination of dynamic elimination and static filtration ensures a high level of performance equal to 98% removal. With the addition of the optional post filter we are able to  increase the performance of the filtration system to 99.997% efficiency.

How It Works;

In the compact and curved KUBE body, the engineers at Micronfilter have designed in 4 stages of filtration with progressive filtration efficiency.

(1) Polluted air is drawn into the KUBE by the backwardly curved impeller blades (2), specifically designed to generate a powerful coalescent effect, the specially designed turbine blade is dynamically balanced to run vibration free. In the next step, the air speed undergoes a marked slowdown and passes through a drop separator labyrinth pre-filter (3). Large droplets are removed as the mist laden air passes through the labyrinth separator. The efficiency of this stage is also increased due to the angle at which the moisture impacts the angled separator, this increases the effective impact area of the intake air and increases performance by about 20%. At this stage of the mist collection process, about 80% of the oily pollutants have been removed. The following step consists in collection and removal of mists and smaller micro-mists. Next the air passed to an absolutely innovative component, an exclusivity of Micronfilter, A special high surface area filter cartridge (4) (certificate, classification “M”, efficiency 98%, directive DIN EN 60335-2), which has an outside coalescing band to add in the remove of very small micro-mist particles (5). The coalescing band is able to capture and coalesce the smallest oil mist droplets and micro-mists, making the droplets larger in size and causing them to fall out naturally by gravity. The large surface area cartridge provides a high dirt holding capacity, ensuring for long intervals between maintenance and filter replacements. The dual drainage system allows for the drainage of condensed coolant back to the machine tool sump.(7).
KUBE How it works


1.) Large Pleated Filter with outside coalescing layer

2.) Droplet Separator

3.) First stage metal mesh filter





Kube Installation The unique design of the KUBE mist collector allows for either a horizontal or vertical installation. The KUBE can be mounted directly on the machine tool and comes with special vibration eliminators.

Heavy duty TURBINE BLADE made from plate steel and dynamically balance for smooth vibration free operation.

.Kube Rotor
KUBE maintenance
Maintenance is quick and easy with the KUBE, four bolts removes the end cover and provides complete access to the filter element and the labyrinth moisture separator.


SCFM (m3/Hr)


Ft² (M²)


HP (kw)


Pounds (Kg)



KUBE 200 117 (200) 61.3 (5.7) 1/4 (0.18) 53 (24) 64
KUBE 400 235 (400) 61.3 (5.7) 1/3 (0.25) 55 (25) 68
KUBE 800 471 (800) 61.3 (5.7) 1/2 (0.37) 88 (40) 72
KUBE 1200 706 (1200) 158.2 (14.7) 3/4 (0.55) 90 (41) 74
KUBE 2000 1,177 (2000) 158.2 (14.7) 1 (0.75) 119 (54) 75
KUBE 2500 1,471 (2500) 158.2 (14.7) 1-1/2 (1.1) 121 (55) 75



Kube Options
The KUBE is available with an option pressure differential gauge to monitor the health of the filter element. An optional higher efficiency after filter is available to remove smoke or provide a higher level of filtration.
Different inlet adapters are available to make installation easy. Kube Inlet Connectors


Contact: info@micronfilterusa.com

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