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MICRONFILTER is a young dynamic company that is part of the Coral Group, a 50 year old company located outside of Torino, Italy. The Coral Group includes 32 affiliated companies with a consolidated turnover of over €60 million. The manufacturing facility utilizes state of the art automated equipment that insure the highest quality possible in all steps of the manufacturing process while maximizing productivity and minimizing waste.

Capabilities include: 3D aided design systems, laser cutting, automated forming presses, certified welding procedures and efficient assembly procedures. These systems insure high quality output with low environmental impact.

Our huge manufacturing capability allows us to produce all parts of our equipment (except for motors) without having to go outside allowing us to control costs and pass on these savings to our customers.




MICRONFILTER was created by a group of talented engineers and sales professionals who have dedicated their careers to workplace ecology, machine tool mist collection and coolant filtration. In less than three years the Micronfilter group has grown into a strong, competitive and well organized company able to compete with all major companies and are poised to grow for decades to come. This young and innovative team, with the average age of 35, has brought to market this new brand of filtration solutions that is complete in its scope, highly engineered, extremely high quality, innovative in its technical solutions and competitively priced.

Additionally, Micronfilter has great pride in its new approach to business. The basic elements include: transparency, customer participation, sharing of information, health and welfare for its workers and sensitivity to environmental protection. By creating this corporate culture, we are allowing our employees to “think outside of the box” and have created an atmosphere where ideas take shape and brilliant new solutions
are realized.

Due to the highly competent nature of the Micronfilter group, we have gained key clients and built a strong sales network in Italy and then all of Europe. The latest step in our tremendous growth is the addition of Micronfilter USA: a new enthusiastic and high qualified sales team capable of growing the business within the North American market. Micronfilter has laid the foundation with a vision and mission that will allow us to "Go Beyond" our current offerings with passion and customer commitment, while offering the market innovative solutions, the highest level of quality, and new brilliant ideas.


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