EcoTech Mist Eliminator

EcoTech Mist Eliminator


High performance filtration and separation efficiency up to 99.997%


Due to the layout of the filter system and their remarkable absorbing of sound, the ECO TECH can be used in any environment operating at less than 76 dBa.


Depending on the application, the EcoTech Mist Eliminator can be equipped with absolute rated HEPA filters or carbon for odor removal to solve any problem. A continuous oil drainage system and also be supplied.



The EcoTech Mist Eliminator series mist collectors have been designed for use on all machine tools using emulsified or oil based cooling lubricants. The product range consists of four basic models to provide from 1,177 scfm - 4,706 scfm (2,000 - 8,000 m3/H) of evacuation capacity. The EcoTech models are a good choice when a shop requires one mist collector for multiple machines or a central/entire shop approach. All EcoTech mist collector models can be fitted with after filters at any time.

How It Works;

(1) Mist laden air is evacuated from the machine tool by a powerful turbine impeller located inside the EcoTech. The mist passes downward through a mechanical separating device which includes a helical element and a metal screen. Due to the centrifugal force created, the mist or oil droplets impact against the metal screen in the separator. The low velocity in the separator prevents the liquid from returning back to the air flow. (2) The droplets slide along the walls of the separator to their collection point at the end of hopper. Oil is later collected into a small tank (3) and recycled if required. (5) Large droplets are now separated as the air flow reverses direction and is pulled up the wire metal mesh pre filter which coalesces out the finer droplets. Due to the design efficiency of the mechanical separator and the filters the air does not contain any further oil droplets. (7) To remove any possible remaining impurities, the air passes through a large pleated filter cartridge which contains a large volume of filtering surface area for long life. A pre filter coalescing band made from polypropylene protects the final pleated filter and removes any further smaller droplets. The high quality pleated filter assures that the exiting air is free of any contamination. The air is finally exhausted through a grating located on the top of the machine
.EcoTech How It Works
Ecotech Multiple

Multiple Machine Installations

The EcoTech Mist Eliminator is designed to handle multiple machines and can be used for a central shop system.

EcoTech Mist Eliminator TECHNICAL DETAILS



SCFM (m3/Hr)


Ft² (M²)


HP (kw)



EcoTech 2000 1,177 (2000) 107 (10) 1.5 (1.1) 73
EcoTech 3000 1,765 (3000) 193 (18) 2 (1.5) 73
EcoTech 4000 2,354 (4000) 269 (25) 3 (2.2) 75
EcoTech 6000 3,531 (6000) 323 (30) 5 (4) 76
EcoTech 8000 4,706 (8000) 603 (56) 7.5 (5.5) 73
EcoTech Coalescer Element The EcoTech Mist Eliminator pre filter with the coalescing band.
The EcoTech Mist Eliminator pleated filter cartridge has a large volume of surface area for long life EcoTech Filter Element
EcoTech Drain The EcoTech Mist Eliminator drain bottle can be replaced with an optional continuous drain in high mist applications.




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